"You must seek the truth and know the truth and the truth will set you free" 

Beware of Shirley Ann Petion Estrada of Xela - She is SOMATIC (Sexual) NPD NARCISSIST / MALIGNANT. A Narcissistic Sociopath with zero regard for anyone but herself. She surrounds herself with only enablers to further her efficacy in scamming men out of money or gifts or drink so you have been warned. 

When I found out about her 65 year old sugar daddy from Georgia, this fat ugly fuck pictured below.

This was and maybe still is her sugar daddy from the USA. 25 years plus older than her and fat and real ugly. You can see how low she values herself to sleep with this old POS from the USA for money. 


I asked her how many other men she cheated on me with within the 10 month relationship. She said, "I don't remember how many there were". 

She is a disgusting excuse for a human being if you can call a malignant narcissist a human being at all. They look human but that human element is removed from  them.


This may seem mean spirited but she is very aware of her option I have given her to tell me the truth about the time I was dating her and she has refused and so has Tim Broadwell which tells me that both of them suffer from NPD (Narcissitic Personality Disorder). She can bring down this website any day she wants but she still refuses to provide "closure" because this is what they do. Granted she is a pathological liar but I have many ways to verify information provided so lying is not really an option for her and she knows this. 

Narcissists rely on people around them they can manipulate into covering up their dirty deeds and protraying to their victim (me in this case) that their behavior is completely normal. The clinical term is called "Flying Monkeys" for these manipulated subagents of the narcissist. 

She ended up surrounding herself with literal prostitutes to give the impression that this type of life is normal and or desired and that I (the victim) is the crazy one for objecting to her active prostitition.

Whatever you lost with her, its gone so forget it. She is narcissist and they don't have feelings like regular humans do. They don't give a fuck about anyone except themselves. They use their children for monetary gain and the illusion of "normalcy" Its all bullshit. Just walk away if you want the best advice, they don't change or learn from their mistakes, they don't care to. They are pure evil.

If you reading this, you have met the devil herself... Run away from this psycho with a high sexual body count. She sleeps with literally every guy she meets almost. Literally. Good news is she will fuck anyone so she is probably good to have over to your buddies bachelor party. She will blow the whole damn crew for cocktail or two. 

She is very pretty and she knows it. She is also pure evil and will try to destroy you if you don't let her cheat on you with untold numbers of men in your face and pay her money to go out drinking with her friends to find other guys to have sex with. If you don't do this she then reveal her cheating so you can see it like she did to me with another 28 year old guy that was moving furniture for her. She is honestly the worst person I have met. Horribly vindictive and belittling after she "love bombs" you and gets you to fall in love with her. As soon as she has you saying those words, she changes everything about the way she treats you. Its typical Covert NPD Behavior. As soon as the "honeymoon" stage is over, she goes out for new men but keeps you around to extort for money and exploit your new love for her. And in the end she won't even tell you the full truth of what she did behind your back in true narcissistic fashion. NPDs never allow for "closure". They like to torture you with that fact. They want to leave you wondering forever. That's their game. You have to understand that despite all the crap she did, she doesn't think she did a think wrong and thinks she is the victim in the situation. Honestly she does. They can not take responsibility for their own actions. Its impossible for a NPD to do that. 

She also had sex with the 19 year old (she was 40 at the time) that put a gun in my face and threatened me at her hostel in Quetzaltenango called "Zen House" named Roy Rojas. Below is a photo of Roy Rojas and her then roomate fellow narcisissist and enabler Margrit. She had sex with this fat piece of garbage during our relationship to use him for criminal favors I guess. When I made fun of her about it she said Roy gave her "10 squirting orgasms", so sounds like she liked sex with this fat ass. Good for her. There are literally thousands of other men too. I asked if she used a condom with him or any other of the men and she refused to answer that question so I assume no she did not. 

She unlocked the door and let him and 3 of his friends in to come to my room and threaten with a pistol because I had recently caught her cheating on me again and I found out who Tim Broadwell was from a Western Union money transfer piece of paper I saw on her table at her house. She meets Tim at the Grant Hyatt Hotel in Guatemala City to have sex with him in exchange for cash she told me. I threatened to expose our relationship to Tim Broadwell and she had me threatened with her sexual partner Roy Rojas who was the same age as her first daughter, in order to keep me silent. I told him a few days later after I packed up and left for Mexico. I realized something was very wrong and I just needed to get out of the relationship. At the time I didn't know what Narcissistic Personality Disorder was. I figured it after some searching on the internet about the way she acted and complete lack of empathy and pathological lying. Every time I would ask a repeated question, I would get a different answer, never the same answer to the exact same question.

 This is real and it is destructive, she is only out for her own personal gain of money and sexual conquest. She has had sex with many many many men in her town where she lives. She admits to having had slept with "many different guys" throughout her life. She is a prolific liar and cheater and violent criminal. Save yourself time and money and just stay away. I am not the only one who has been burned by her. Her last boyfriend : and an ex from Germany have confirmed it with me. She only wants your money and even then she will still cheat on you. Trust me. She never tells the truth. Never. She will gaslight you and act like you were "seeing things" when you confront her about her cheating on you in front of your face. She doesn't care if you are hurt by it. SHe has no empathy. She fakes like she does, but she doesn't. Nothing she says is the truth. Ever. Don't be fooled by her seduction and pretty face, there is a monster inside her and that monster is fed innocent individuals looking for an honest relationship. Sex and Seduction are her weapons of choice so it will be a repeated theme to this story.

"Oh, the tangled web we weave when we set out to deceive."

  The above photos are just to prove we had a relationship because she will lie and say she doesn't know me or something.

The website, the truth be told will end up serving no purpose. It won't inspire new behavior from this person. It will only annoy her, but she will never admit to that publically. 

Let's get personal eh? 

It took me a while to figure out what the fuck happened with my relationship with Shirley Petion. I had never been treated so horribly by anyone in my entire life. Never been purposely hurt in such a dramatic fashion by anyone before and for a while, it affected my own self-esteem and there it was really no closure to the situation because she stonewalled and just attacked me day in and day out with demeaning insults. It was quite a horrible experience. Having the gun pointed at me wasn't the worst of it. She well skilled and making you feel like you are less than dirt, and it comes on rapidly and then becomes a rollercoaster of ups and downs until she finally ejects you from the situation quite cruelly, in my case. I have now learned to just ignore her insults. She usually claims to not remember what she ever said. The evasive tactic to avoid responsibility, very important to the narcissist. Nothing is ever their fault, It's your fault. She is simply a callous abuser of people and especially men it seems. She manipulates her close friends and family to do what she and enable her deceit and transgressions. She will say, that someone said this or that (which didn't happen) trying to provoke you to admit to odd things. She did this with me and her friend Carmen one time and so I asked Carmen on WhatsApp and she laughed because it was ridiculous and I sent to Shirley. She went ballistic because I went over her head and plainly asked Carmen and then she was caught red-handed in her lie. That is the type of person you are dealing with her. High-level manipulator. Pathological liar. Stone cold. No remorse. No regrets, no apology. Shirley is always right. No matter what. That is how she operates. She lies up and down all day. It is taxing and unenjoyable. It is just what she does. Drama. Explosive arguments, blocking and any childish game you can think of she will employ just to annoy you. She plays the victim over anything and cries that, "Tengo miedo, Tengo miedo" when I am not even in Xela? I mean what the fuck is she afraid of when I am 2000km away from her in Mexico? All the time. Not just to me either, Tim Broadwell experienced the same bullshit from her. She loves to be the victim but its never true. Just another manipulation tactic she employs. Everyone enables her that I know of that are her friends. They won't talk about her, or give you a heads up on what she is up to. Nothing, she has them all pacified to do her bidding. She controls them like drones or robots. It's rather impressive in a way. The way she can dominate people around her and they do exactly what she says. Including her sisters, roommates, daughters, ex-husband. They all fear the wrath of Shirley because she will go bonkers if someone even seems disloyal to her even if she is doing wrong and the enablers objectively know it. Pure-blooded narcissism, text-book if you will. Right out of the DSM-5. I learned quickly after May of 2017 what she was and what she was going. Took me 6 months to deprogram all the bullshit from my head that she pulled on me. Then her true self began to be revealed. Then I set out to test my theory and time after time after time she would reflect what I read about narcissism. She doesn't try to hide it. Narcissists are just confusing if you don't know you are dealing with one. Go read up on it and if you know her, I have no doubt that if you are objective you will come to the same conclusion. I already informed Carlos about what I see as toxic behavior in Shirley. He can do with that what he wishes. I felt it a duty to tell him because of the daughters he shares with Shirley. It is out of my hands now.  My conscience is clean. I am done there. Carlos can make up his own mind. Update: I believe Carlos is a NPD Narcissist too because he never addressed the info I sent him. Narcs cant see other narcs nor do they accept the premise that NPD is even a real disorder. Thus Carlos is NPD too. 

I recently talked to a real Psychiatrist prescribed me some controlled drugs to counter a chemical imbalance I have probably always had that easily let me fall into abusing alcohol. I rarely drink now. I never get the urge to calm down my rapid firing brain as I did in the past. Funny thing is a doctor at a bar in Rio Dulce Guatemala recommended I go because he said although he was not a Psyche Doc that it may be worth checking out because I was admitting I over drink often to him. He said to check it out if you want to get sobered up, and so I did. And so far so good. The Doc told me about the DSM-5 and I asked him some questions about a toxic ex-girlfriend of mind that just send me on a wild goose chase again a few months ago and he offered to give an opinion. Now obviously she cannot be diagnosed by reading the crap she says to me but he offered an opinion. Could be wrong, but I don't think so. It explains too much about her anti-social behavior and just plain cruelty she is capable of. I have never heard such vile words out of a woman's mouths before ever in my life. Nothing even close. The intimidation tactics, characters assassination, triangulation to divide and manipulate. I mean she is pro at all of it. Margrit has done it for her to me. Her sister quit answering my texts, Alma stopped talking to me. It's a text-book. Cause a rift to control the dialogue, That is what she does. She did it between Tim and I. It's her thing.

I have many texts where she says stuff like, "all of the people in Xela hate you now" like I fucking care or something. The only "sort of" friends I have there is Valeria and Bryan. I could give a fuck about anyone else there except I always was friends with Ana before. Sweet girl. Isabella too but she was rather uninterested in me when I was in Xela. She is a little younger. Completely understandable for young women. I'm just some gringo anyway. Nothing special. Regular old aging 38-year-old gringo. Nothing that interesting. I am very aware of that fact. That being said.

I'll come through Xela any fucking time I want. Fear is not my game. I am trained in martial arts and box daily at the gym. I carry a Wartech Buck Knife, two chrome police batons expandable, tear gas, sometimes and an 80,000-volt taser. I am ready for war anytime any day. I am like 7 Eleven. 24/7.  No one dictates when and where I go, ever. Never. I will bust someone's grape if provoked or threatened again and leave them in the street sleeping with their fucking head leaking, no problem. No problem there. Love me or hate, I don't give a fuck, but I am trained to kill and carry legal weapons regularly since the gun incident at Zen House Hostel perpetrated by Shirley and her friends. I am not here to make friends. Clear? Good.

Anyway. enough of the tough talk. I don't live in Xela and wouldn't fucking want to. When Donald Trump said shithole, he was talking about places like Xela. #shithole. Nothing works right, everything is expensive. There are like 3 decent looking women in the whole town, gangs of street dog's, unfriendly to bicycles because of the stupid fucking cobblestone streets. That place is a nightmare. That place will drive me back into the bottle for sure. Nothing to do there. How many times can you go to the hot springs or the volcano? #shithole for real. People who live there just don't have a better option usually. No chooses Xela, it just the least worst option in Guatemala maybe. Haha. Everyone just sits around there. Fucking boring. Unless you have a business or are in College there no reason to be there. Hell, Guate is way better if you ask me. At least there are more than 3 cute girls in Guate. Xela is a wasteland for women and activities. #boring. 

Moving on...

She supports this site as this is her email to me. Full support, to help her find more men! She likes the publicity she said. So we are good to GO! 

~She wrote this to me:

"Pobre Jou que pena das , no superas el pasado..The people who when they read the page can only know that it is made by a spiteful man and that he gives so many sins that neither of them reads jajajjajaajaj. His magnificent plan of vegaza surpasses the com. The people who when they read the page can only know that it is made by a spiteful man and that he gives so many sins that neither of them reads jajajjajaajaj. His magnificent plan of vegaza surpasses the comedy. spend your time for the pleasure, I will not read all that trash, I do not care what you do or stop doing, my life is happy with your page I do not care, I walk forward and with my loved ones, I do not I need to be writing rubbish or threatening anyone to sit well, I do not live in the past nor I cling to hurting to feel good. Poor jou you really give me pity I have compassion for you. Your psychologist is not serving you apparently! Maybe it would be better to change it for the church or for something else that serves, executions, yoga, meditation, or just maybe sex and learn to make good sex can help you at least your girlfriends will not go with others, you really do sex as a 15-year-old child. Use your time for something creative learn sex or pray. by the way, we laugh a lot with Carlos. Good luck Jou, deep down I wish you to find happiness and peace.everything you do is advertising, the more you talk about me the more you wake up the attention of my men."

~ Shirley Petion ~

It is amazing that Shirley is so truth averse that it never crosses her mind to just come to me and say. "Joe, I am truly sorry for what I did, the cheating, lying and game playing. I would like to be completely honest with you about what was going on while I was "misbehaving" if you will take the site down and we then go our separate ways."  Because I would agree with that. That is why I think Shirley is a narcissist. They have the same aversion to coming clean and telling the truth about their actions. I certainly do not have an interest in a relationship with Shirley ever again. No. No thank you. Honestly because of her past behavior with me and other boyfriends and men. I can look at someone as special if they have slept around with as many people as Shirley has. She will probably take offense to that but it is the truth. I don't to know who a bunch of my wife or girlfriends ex-sexual partners are. And with Shirley, I know too many. And it would be hard to ever trust her again. Really really hard. hahaa. And she has very clearly stated that she wants an open relationship and I can't do that. She doesn't like sex with me anyway she said. And she got bored with me and wanted to be with other men. That is very clear. And I don't want an open relationship. No no no gracias. I have made my peace with how Shirley is. She is promiscuous, wants an open relationship, thinks I have sex like a 15-year-old. Thinks I homosexual and stupid and a bunch of other things. I made peace with all that stuff. I have moved on. 

I guess Shirley knows what sex with a 15-year-old child is like and I do sex the same way! hahaha. Nice insult, you should have just said I have a tiny penis or something. Would sound better than sex with a child. hahaha. I wouldn't be surprised though.

Some of it is spitefulness though. I believe I am entitled based on the way I have been treated by her and how I have heard she has treated other people from her past. Karma. It comes around sometimes. Some people will punch back if you hit them first. I always do. I take pride in that. I want people to advised that you fuck around here, I will fuck around you. Sitting back and just taken shit for no reason except the callousness and disregard for others like Shirley has. I don't take shit from anybody. Ever. You just haven't abused a man that had enough eggs to stick up for himself before me. You exes just let you get away with whatever you did to run them off. Not me honey. I believe in equal rights between men and women. Equal opportunity. I would never physically harm a woman but I will ruin her day if she sets out to ruin mine as Shirley did to me. Women where I am from join the Army and Special Forces, run for president and run companies and are treated as equals in love and in war. No special treatment. You throw stones, expect stones to be thrown back at you. Women know where I am from. They don't cower behind the fact that they are female. 

This isn't so much about revenge as it is a Public Service Announcement (PSA). This is mainly here to warn her next victims about her. I googled you when we first met. I google search everybody I meet to see what is out there are them. See if they made to a Reddit feed or something. More common than you might think. A lot of assholes like Shirley in this world and sometimes they get put on the internet like her. She is not the only on this planet with the same behavior. Many people set out to deceive people. Not uncommon.  I put up with a mountain of bullshit from Shirley, and she has yet to adequately apologize and provide me the truth for closure but she sure moans and cries about being a victim when she far from a victim, she is the aggressor and bad actor. 

Nothing is true from her, pay her no mind. She always says something cute, I am homosexual sometimes, stupid or whatever. This is a typical reaction style of a narcissist. This is how they behave. You see she thinks that insults hurt my feelings. Why? Because her childlike inner self is fragile to criticism, insults, the truth in general. I am a 38-year-old man. I have heard it all before. She is just trying to do what they call "projecting" her insecurities onto me. The first couple of times I did take a little offense. She is free to call me whatever she can think up. Do your worst Shirley. I am certainly am doing my part to you. You see they are like children emotionally so they take insults very personally. Adults do not. I am an adult, she is a child inside.  

Anyway, pretty weak denial. You see she has Carlos so under her thumb, he won't even write me directly as someone usually does normally. He relays through Shirley because not doing so would bring chaos and drama that he really doesn't care to get involved in it and that is fine. He lets her control the narrative. Fine. I think Carlos is intelligent enough to do google "symptoms of a narcissist" and objectively see that that is exactly what Shirley Petion is. Carlos isn't dumb, he knows what battles to pick. Shirley lies to him all day long, and I have every faith in him that he knows and just doesn't care to fight about it. Most of her lies are rather innocent in nature. Little white lies about whatever. He seems like a laid back guy. Not one to search out conflict. I have been with her when she does. Shirley doesn't tell the truth hardly ever. Most people just ignore it a move on rather than picking a fight with her. It's not worth the energy because she is always right. You will never convince her otherwise. Ever. She ticks every box of a narcissist. They know they are narcissists and they are proud of it usually. There was a scientific study done one time that figure out that the best way to identify a narcissist is to ask them one question which is, "Do you agree with the statement, 'I am a narcissist.' and most of the time. They simply say yes." She is denying it because she enlists her children to lie for her too and she doesn't want to admit that fact. I have watched it and have copies of messages sent to my own mother that objectively prove she enlists them to lie on her behalf. Tim Broadwell told me, "I fear her daughters don't know what the truth even means." Direct quote. She has attempted to enlist Tim to lie to Alma before he also claimed. I probably have a copy of the message somewhere to prove it. I have Shirley pegged and she knows it. 

The truth is not important to the narcissist. 

In Shirley's case, non-answers and or non-denials are virtually her saying yes. She sort of gaslights questions to her behavior most of the time. Just simply ignores the question there is no good sounding answer to. She conceals stuff like this.
Sometimes by exploding the conversation, sometimes blocking your number or hanging up on you. Seriously.  She acts like a 3-year-old most of the time. 

She has a real disdain for me because I am one of the only people that cut through her bullshit and tactics and stands up to her demanding accountability. She does not like that at all. She does not like to be challenged at all, on anything virtually. She is right and that is that. You shall trust whatever she says, even though her history of behavior does not support that premise.No more discussion. And she won't be convinced otherwise. That is what makes them so hard to deal with. They are unreasonable and will stonewall any analyzation of them. She always says the same stuff. Click the grey button and scroll to the bottom, she always starts out the same. Mocking, insulting and dismissive. Saying she won't read it. Same old Shirley. Time is a flat circle for her. Repeating over and over again the same behavior, true narcissism. She is an ideal subject. She would rather die than be held accountable for her actions., Pure narcissist. Truth, taking responsibility or criticism is the mortal enemy of the narcissist. They want nothing to do will any of it. Their fragile inner self cannot withstand introspection of any kind. They just don't go there. Ever. They are always right. No matter what. 


The Narcissist’s Never-Do List

1. Apologize

Admitting wrong is uncomfortable for most people, but the give-and-take in relationships at times calls for an acknowledgment of fault. Healthy people usually know when they owe an apology and are willing to give it. Whether we interrupt, fail to deliver on a promise, say something hurtful, or lose our temper beyond reasonable bounds, we offer an apology to show respect and caring.

The narcissist, on the other hand, never apologizes. Seeing himself as above reproach, he never feels he has done wrong. His sense of superiority over others reinforces his belief that other inferior beings are always to blame for anything that goes awry, even if the narcissist is actually responsible. Sometimes narcissists express fauxpologies, which are designed to deflect blame back onto others. An example of a fauxpology is, “I’m sorry you are so sensitive and can’t handle real life.”

2. Take Responsibility

Above all, the narcissist repudiates responsibility. Because she has built her identity against fundamental feelings of invalidation, she is intensely sensitive to shame and blame. Responsibility of any kind triggers the narcissist’s threat of exposure to criticism. The narcissist is so averse to responsibility, she systematically stages her life to avoid it and becomes masterful at denying and projecting it onto others, particularly those closest within her sphere of power: her partner and children.

3. Self-Reflect

Narcissists are terrified of their own shadows — the long-hidden child within who was irreparably damaged and whose feelings of inadequacy the narcissist constantly overcompensates for. For the narcissist, self-reflection is dangerous territory to be avoided at all costs because it represents an unbearable vulnerability. This is why narcissists rarely seek therapy, avoid honest communication, refuse accountability, and readily resort to raging defensive outbursts to blunt the truth.

4. Forgive

For the same reason the narcissist does not apologize, he also never forgives. To him, everyone represents a potential threat to be defeated, and he is hypervigilant to a perceived or (more rarely) real attack. Life is a battle zone, and the narcissist is always fighting for his survival.

Narcissists regard any kind of hurt as cause for retaliation and revenge. If someone apologizes to them (often in a misguided attempt to end conflict), narcissists see it as proof of their superiority and may take the opportunity to further punish that person for whatever s/he may or may not have done wrong. Genuine forgiveness is not part of the narcissist’s emotional lexicon, fundamentally because the narcissist cannot forgive himself.

5. Act Selflessly

Selflessness is the antithesis of narcissism. Because the narcissist lacks empathy and has an inflated sense of entitlement, acting selflessly is beyond her comprehension. At her core, the narcissist has nothing to give because she feels her survival is at stake and nothing else matters. Narcissists by definition are locked in an inward spiral of unmet early childhood needs and grandiose compensatory self-beliefs.

6. Express Their Real Feelings

The narcissist thrives above all on attention, and there is no more fascinating topic than himself. The extroverted narcissist loves to dominate a room, asserting his superiority and awing others with his intellectual (fill in the blank) prowess. The introverted narcissist also thrives on attention and finds passive-aggressive ways to get it, such as complaining or playing the victim.

But when it comes to his feelings, the narcissist hides, from others and from himself. Narcissists lack the self-awareness to understand the underlying feelings that drive their behavior as well as the courage to make themselves vulnerable enough to share those feelings. The narcissist operates competitively on raw survivalist instinct and is a stranger to his innermost emotional realm.

7. See Emotional Nuance

Though she may be clever, particularly at manipulating people and spotting their vulnerabilities, the narcissist lacks an awareness of emotional nuance and is prone to extremist black-and-white thinking. She tends to either idealize or devalue others, and she projects her own corrupt emotional agenda, believing that others see life as she does — as a series of games or battles to be won. The wide continuum of emotion that healthy beings, especially the most empathetic, experience on a daily basis is lost on the narcissist, who is trapped in her lonely self-protective construction of reality.

Chillingly accurate if you ask me.  


Spoken like a true narcissist. I am glad she is happy and satisfied because so I am.  She is a public nuisance as far as I am concerned supported by nihilistic enablers. This website was built to warn others and publicize her behavior so people can make an informed decision before she victimizes her next individual. She says other things too like seen below if you dare question her about her behavior:  

But...... I was having unprotected sex with her during this time, so I do have a right to know if she is sleeping with other men so I can choose for myself if I want to continue doing so. I have a right to know to protect my health and any rational person would agree, in my opinion. Side with her, fine, I don't agree. 

Above is part of some messages from Shirley Petion after I left her, She is a prolific cheater and has sex with any man she comes across, this is one of the times she got frustrated and told the truth. During this time she was having sex for money from Tim Broadwell from Georgia who was very surprised to hear about my spending 10 months dating her in Xela. Save yourself the stress and don't invest feelings in her because she is probably already cheating on you. 

It's in Spanish but you can cut and paste the text and translate it. 

Here some highlights in Spanish. 

She probably had sex with this guy too but she never admitted it. I know of 4 confirmed but I think there was maybe 30 or 40 men that had sex with her during our relationship. 


Shirley Petion is a narcissist in my opinion and this is your warning about her. Most of what comes out of her mouth are lies and games of manipulation. She will lure you in with seduction to get what she wants and then cheat on you and then discard you unless you pay her money or gifts sufficient to keep her coming around. She is a prostitute who was meeting Tim Broadwell to have sex for money at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Guatemala City the whole time we dated which was for about 10 months. During which she said cheated on me numerous times with many different men outside of Tim because I had outlasted my value to her by refusing to pay for her friend's drinks at the bar. So she would find guys that would buy her drinks on the Tinder App and sleep with them. A few times she took men home right in front of me and made up a lie that her friend had anal sex with him and she went home after dropping them off. She will lure you in and then say she wants an open relationship. She likes to have sex with everyone. She will keep you at arm's length because if you get too close you will see her depraved behavior. She lies to everyone and thinks she always tells the truth. She is pathological in her lying. She will change the story to whatever suits her goals at the current time. Narcissists can not normally hold relationships for more than 12 months and then the veneer collapses and the story is out and their true identity comes out. She lied to me, her sugar daddy Tim Broadwell, her ex-boyfriend from Germany. We all learned our lesson with Shirley Petion. She cannot be trusted, ever. She will use triangulation to manipulate you, projection and pathological lying. Naturally, she is promiscuous as most narcissists are. The only thing they fear is a public embarrassment and exposure of their deeds. They are unable to see anything they do as abhorrent or wrong. Thus the website. People should be warned about her callous disregard and lack empathy for other people. She is a predator, so take heed of the following so you don't get sucked into a horrible situation as I did as in my experience it ended up with a gun pointed at me at the Zen House Hostel in Xela Guatemala which she was the owner of at the time and I had paid rent at for the month held by an obvious off duty police officer in black cargo style pants and a white T-shirt. Police issue 9mm pistol and holster. Tim even offered up to give me that policeman's name if I took down his website down? Look here =insert screenshot. Good offer. Maybe I'll take him up on that... 

Below are some common traits that a narcissistic relationship partner is likely to have: (Note  the degree to which these traits manifest themselves will vary largely depending on the individual.)

Source link (Click me)

A list of facts and some speculation as hearing the truth from her is virtually impossible. 

-First off, I warned her numerous times to not to lie with me or I would come down to Xela and files charges against her and put the website back up with every disgusting thing she has done that I am aware of and the disgusting things she has said to me. She was warned many many times. Now I am simply doing what I said I would do. She wanted this website. I am giving her what she wants. She lied from the beginning and caught her numerous times. She was adequately warned what would happen if continued her lying and manipulation way back in 2016. She lied within a couple of that so I came back to Guatemala and filed charges at the Public Ministry against her and I hope she goes back there and false charges again because then I finish what I started in Xela. They already have all the evidence they need.

-She filed two false police reports against me to intimidate me further after I left Guatemala. The second one was filed 4 days after I filed charges against her. That was 14 / 8 / 2018. I filed charges against her on 10 / 8 / 2018. They were quickly dismissed for no evidence. )INSERT PHOTO) 1 and 2 here. I had both cases dismissed a few months ago in Xela with my Xela attorney. She said I insulted her on a webpage but failed to provide the website address because it had information pertaining to her crime against me in it too. But still filed it and wasted the Public Ministeries time and resources to intimidate me to taking the webpage down. I did not, and she did not pursue it further. The second one she said I threatened to kill her over Whatsapp (which just a pure lie and she knows it) and again failed to provide any evidence of this and had her phone forensically analyzed by the Public Ministry. There were only messages stating that I was coming to Guatemala to challenge her police reports and to file my own against her, Margrit, Roy Rojas and an unidentified off duty corrupt police officer that brandished the weapon in my room and pointed it at me and told me to leave immediately or they would return later.  =insert photo here of police report against the criminals here=

-To start this is a list of which almost every tactic Shirley has employed against me at one time or another. Click here for the list. And click here for the rest of the list. 

-Her ex-husband took their two daughters to Canada for 4 years without her consent. I don’t know why but I imagine their father wanted the kids away from her because of her behavior and parade of men that she has sex with continually and the likely creation of dangerous environment this could create. Feminicide / murder is a huge problem in Guatemala. Men kill women by the thousands down there and the scorn of an ex-lover could create a dangerous situation as only 3% of murders are solved in Guatemala and it has the 5th highest murder rate in the world. I can imagine she did something similar to her ex-husband which caused their divorce. The reason I know this is true is that her daughters speak French. Can´t fake that easily. 

-She attracts and demands loyalty from her closest group of friends so don’t expect to get anything from them. They will lie and cover up for her, trust me, if they won't she won't keep them around as friends. She triangulates (manipulates) them with you to give herself protection and space from you to carry out her cheating and lying. She only keeps people close to her that she can depend on to cover up for her if she needs it. Naturally, these people are like her, without empathy or remorse, they too do not know right from wrong. They are trash, but so is Shirley, no empathy, regard for others feelings or needs. Inhuman in a way. 

-She takes risks in her promiscuity. She had/has a relationship with Tim Broadwell and a steady income from him and possibly still does. She is willing to risk her "income" to cheat and lie to serve her narcissism. Tim Broadwell was certainly surprised to hear from me. He went into a fit of rage because she said I was stalking her or some bullshit as she always uses the victim role. Tries to cover up her misdeeds by playing the poor little scared little victim. It's all bullshit. She will go to great lengths and make outrageous statements to your family and local police like she did to me to try to intimidate you into silence. She made up lies to Tim Broadwell about the reason I was threatened with the gun. She said I was drunk and scaring her or something and I was a little drunk when I made the threat to expose our relationship to Tim if she didn´t stop lying to me and sleeping with a parade of guys on the Tinder App and her maintenance helper of 28 years old. That is when she called her sexual partner/extortionist Roy Rojas. The depths of her depravity were profound. Shocking. 

-She will cheat on you, and likely not remember how many different men as in my relationship experience with her. She will find what annoys or hurts your feelings and exploit it. She will use violence against you. She subcontracted out her violent act against me with Roy Rojas and a corrupt Guatemalan police officer. She just wants money. Nothing else. Gifts, money, spending, That is what you are there for or you are there to feed a need. Sex likely. She said she has been with an uncountable number of men in her life according to her. She has likely had sex every male surrounding her like Roy Rojas for one reason or another. (one of the known men she cheated on me with.

-She will character assassinate you if you call her out on her behavior. Everything a narcissist does is right so she will never apologize sincerely. 

-She tried to manipulate $2000 dollars from Tim Broadwell by saying her mother needed an MRI scan for cancer. When he said he would only pay directly to the hospital. She dropped the subject and never asked for the money again according to Tim Broadwell when I asked him about it. I have the feeling her mother may not have actually had cancer but maybe, maybe not. I cannot independently confirm or negate this. As I said, you never know with her. Lies and deception are her forte and Tim is a liar too so it could all be fabricated. I don't know to be honest you on this one. 

-She is an objectively awful person, a prolific narcissist (pathological liar and prolific cheater and manipulator and violent criminal)

-She enlists her two daughters to lie for her even to her “best friend”.

-She uses her children to shield her from responsibility for her behavior by having them lie to people. Her oldest told a list of lies to my mother on one occasion through Facebook after the blowout we had.

-She defamed me to my friends on Facebook causing me to shut down all my social media for many months.

-The only time I have heard her cry or express a normal human emotion was about losing about $5000 USD to a car buying scam introduced by her friend Margrit and Roy Rojas. She ended up sleeping with Roy numerous times to induce him to pay back the money. The worst part of all is she claimed he sexually extorted her for returning the money, then recanted that allegation when I went to file my criminal charges against her. I don’t know what the truth is but she said she could not have sex with me right after Roy paid her back his first payment, she said her vagina was hurting so I pieced it together later when she admitted to cheating on me with Roy Rojas but claimed it was sexual extortion. I guess Roy must have a gigantic penis because he had damaged her vagina. I didn’t find out Roy and she had sex until after I left Guatemala. So good on you Roy, you punished her vagina to the point she could not have sex with me the following day when I stayed the night at her house. The worst part is I sat next to Roy a few times at her house during the time after that. She had me in the same room with him multiple times after this. Disgusting. So I looked like the fool. I was the one in the dark about what was going on and when I criticized her later about it, she couldn’t take it like always and said ugly and fat Roy Rojas gave her 10 liquid orgasms in a row which I was never able to accomplish, you see this is another technique narcissists use to try to break you down and make you feel like they feel about themselves inside. They take pleasure in this kind of behavior. They want you to feel like they do about themselves. They want you to feel horrible inside. 

-I have literally witnessed her train a 19-year-old missing girl who had missing person posters posted around Xela, Guatemala how to prostitute herself through the Tinder App. I even met the john, he was from Spain. She was directing her on what prices to charge the clients and the whole deal. Obviously, she has had personal experience with this. This was at Zen House Hostel. 

-She is a prostitute to old men of Europe and The United States. She calls it, “A man supporting a woman” but its prostitution "prepaid". 

-She says her father trained her to be “promiscuous” and said that she will teach her daughters to do the same as her. I doubt this is true but that is how she justified it to me while I was in a "relationship" with her. All of sudden she wanted a ¨open¨ (polyamorous) relationship but said she just wanted to ¨go out with and kiss other guys sometimes¨ because monogamy is ¨boring¨. She was doing more than kissing. She is what we would call a slut in the USA. Sex with anyone for anything. Normally is an attribute women try to conceal better than she does, but that is narcissism for you. They view the world differently. If she really wanted a ¨open¨ relationship why does she not disclose that before feelings are created and months after saying ¨I love you¨ to each other? Because that is part of the game/manipulation tactics she uses. She did the same thing to the 28-year-old she was cheating on me with that she began to date after I left she admitted to me. She drug the guy after me down a similar path I am sure. 

-She doesn't want marriage or a relationship, she wants money or gifts or support in some way, despite what she will tell you. She attempts to control you with manipulating games and lies and the threat of promiscuity, as most narcissists want to be in control, they want to dominate and they act without remorse. Needing money puts her at a disadvantage but she makes for it with lies and deception. She will milk you for what she can and begin her cheating as a tool to get you to give her more gifts or buy all her friends their drinks at the bar as in my experience with her. If you do not do what she requests she will take men home and sleep with them literally in your face and lie about it and say her friend/roommate was having sex with him, not her, as in my experience. She said her friend Andrea had anal sex with him for some reason. The extra detail of her unsolicited answer to the question I didn't ask raised my suspicion. She immediately told me this upon our next encounter before I asked her about it. I already assumed any man hanging around her in any capacity was having sex with her because that is what she did in my experience with her and since I was currently living in her Hotel-hostel The Zen House of Xela the situation was delicate because she is very explosive when questioned or accused of something like all narcissists are. By this time I knew the relationship and I was over I was trying to make it to the end of the month so I could move out of the room which I had prepaid for and move back to Mexico. But then I got drunk and initiated a fight because she kept gaslighting me about an incident where she drove off with a group of Tinder App men in her car when I went up to her window to talk to her while her stupid roommate was picking up laundry from the hostel because she didn't have a clothes washer at her house anymore.  She drove off. Unbelievable. She is evil. 

-A quote from her ex-boyfriend of three years she tried to use to intimidate me from entering Guatemala and filing charges against her said and I quote, “Yeah I know her, you can never trust her.” so you have been warned. Take her out, have sex with her but don’t invest emotions or you will regret it and she will leave you at the drop of a hat and have a new boyfriend in seconds and never think twice.

-She is emotionally intelligent as most of them are, so beware of that. She knows what to say and how to act to lure you in. It’s a lie, I promise you.

-She has no morals, none, and will do anything to achieve her goal including violence with firearms through a 3rd party as in my experience when I threatened to reveal our relationship to her sugar daddy at the Grand Hyatt, Tim Broadwell. She doesn’t have a job despite what she will tell you, her lie to me was that she did permanent makeup tattoos for women in Guatemala City but I never saw any evidence to affirm this. 

-Narcissists view relationships as "transactional", this for that, tit for tat. Narcissists lack empathy/remorse and think everything they do is right and justified no matter how vile the action is.

-Narcissists are actually most of the time proud of their demented actions because they see the world through a different lens than normal people. Narcissists do not introspect or take criticism well because they are actually very fragile in their own self-esteem. This is another reason for their prolific relationship cheating as they need to feel “wanted” and a normal relationship does not feed this need for them.

-Narcissists use “gaslighting” and Shirley is prolific with this technique. They think that if they don’t acknowledge the act or the lie or the cheating or whatever that it didn’t happen. They can’t deal with this type of introspection. I asked her about the her car full of TInder App guys when she just drove away and then the next day when I confronted her she litterally said to me, "De que hablas" which means "What are talking about". Classic gaslighting, she is trying to make you think you are the crazy one. It is a technique abusers use try to make you question reality. It is vile and in some places illegal if you do it to children. It is pure evil. 

-Narcissists “future promise” to change their behavior or say they want marriage which they never intend to keep these promises. She did it to me everyday, saying Ill change, Ill be better now, etc etc. I want to marry you she would say sometimes. ALL PURE BULLSHIT. It's just to keep you lured in with them. Shirley is beautiful physically and she knows it but she seeks validation and self-worth by sleeping with every man she comes into contact with except for one that I know of. A guy who owns a bar in Xela. She was quite proud to tell me that she never had sex with him as if she was awaiting praise of some sort. Very odd. Disturbing. 

-Narcissists try to confuse situations through tactics like ignoring direct questions, gaslighting, lying of course, and by constantly changing the story, to the point, you essentially just give up on getting the truth. They will also be very defensive when you ask for details of where they were or who they were with. Sometimes she would play the victim role and say I was being too invasive of to where she was and what she was doing even after I caught her lying and cheating on multiple occasions. They assume everyone believes them and trusts their word because that's how they think. They have a distorted view of objective reality. To the point where you will start to question the reality, you are seeing. Very common with narcissists, they want to make you seem like you are crazy or unreasonable to give them enough space to cover their tracks with lies/triangulation or whichever tactic they employ. 

-Narcissists are often good looking and attractive physically. It’s a mechanism they use for control in a relationship. They can find another partner (boyfriend/girlfriend) and do not have very high standards for the people they with have sex with like Tim Broadwell or Roy Rojas who are both fat and ugly by any measure, and will use this against you to manipulate you her she will go on Tinder App and sleep with some loser just to feed her narcissistic needs and to retaliate against you for questioning her actions/whereabouts/ etc.

-Narcissists can not apologize meaningfully because they don’t see their actions as wrong. Narcissists are often late for appointments or dates usually. My first criticism of Shirley was because she would just forget about dates and meetings times we had or would be sometimes and literally 4 hours late one time. It is a characteristic personality trait they usually have. After that day I was frustrated and criticized her lightly. She went ballistic and accused me of being “violent and abusive”, and right there was the “narcissistic projection” They can't take criticism because of the fragile veneer of their own self-esteem and self-loathing. She projected her own personality traits on me which at the time was very confusing because I was never abusive or violent to her at all. That was her warning to me of what was to come if I had only known then what I know now.

-Narcissists see nothing wrong with their behavior so they rarely seek the mental health treatment they need to have a chance at a normal life. Instead, it is a constant cycle of destruction, lies, and betrayal. Shirley, in my opinion, was traumatized by something in her life when she was young. Maybe the rape by a family friend when she was 15 like she claims. She said the perpetrator was never prosecuted but this could all be a fabrication. I honestly don’t know, you never can with her. She likes to play the victim, and quite well versed in how to do it.

-She has a long list of open cases in Guatemala at the Public Ministry. If you want to get copies of the reports you just have to hire a local attorney to get them for you. They are only given out through an attorney unless the accusations of crimes are against you personally. She filed 2 false charges against me that I have had dismissed. She lied to the Public Ministry and it was quite obvious they were just intimidation tactics. 

-Narcissists are usually organized or disorganized. Shirley is the latter. She can never keep her story straight and is not adept enough to cover her tracks well at the same time thinking in her head she is smart and cunning. The very little examination is needed for her lies and false stories to completely fall apart. Shirley is pretty but not very intelligent. She believes in holistic medicine and other bullshit that educated people do not. One day she eats eggs, the next day she doesn’t. One day she does this or that, the next day she does other things. She is scattered mentally. Every day it is a different thing she “believes” or does. It is taxing in and of itself trying to keep up on her every shifting philosophies/beliefs and current diet.

-These behaviors are in her being. She will not change. She has left a long list of carnage in her wake and doesn’t think twice about it. She is always right in her actions and you are wrong. She will shower you with insults and then takes offense when you call her what she is, a liar, cheater, manipulator, and prostitute. 

-She finds her sugar daddies and sexual conquests on the Tinder App (ironically I showed her roommate Margrit the Tinder App then it became her place to find other men to cheat on me with) and latinamericacupid.com and uses aliases like "Sofia" or "Valeria" there. She is 41 years old so you can go find her on that website if you want to play with fire. Her profile right now says she is looking for a man with HIGH MORAL VALUES, ironic because she is in complete lack of morality of any measure. 

-Tactics she uses include but are not limited to: explosiveness, false indignation, gaslighting, lying, triangulation (with other sexual partners to flaunt their desirableness to her partner and friends and her friends and even her father as training her to be promiscuous as to validate the behavior), victim role, false future promises, etc. etc. etc. She is well practiced in her manipulation techniques. Don't believe anything she says, it's all fallacious, none of it is true.  

-A side note is she very much acts immature in her relationships and conduct. Her friends when I was there were her 24-year-old gold digger roommate who is a slut too by the way and like Shirley has breast implants (The only two girls in Xela with breast implants are pretty much Margit and Shirley). Her other friends were the 19-year-old missing girl named Andrea. Why a 40-year-old woman would surround her self with friends decades younger than her? Control. Immature people like her friends are easier to control and manipulate to do her bidding and would agree to cover her tracks much easier than someone her own age. Narcissists seek to control and domination through manipulation. She was grooming them to be like her. Liars, prostitutes, sluts and manipulators. It is much harder to get a 40-year-old peer to agree to abhorrent behavior that she participates in. 

-The last and most important fact is that this website is never coming down. Ever. It is paid for ten years in advance (the maximum amount of time you can register a domain name into the future.) This is website is your punishment for all bullshit you put me through and public humiliation you caused me. Nothing can get it down and it is ranked #1 on a google search of “Shirley Petion”. Enjoy it you fucking lowlife piece shit hooker with dirtball friends. Fuck you. You wasted my fucking time, money and emotions and literally drove me to drink excessive alcohol. You deserve this exposure and be happy you are not in fucking prison with your dirtball friends. 

To be said is that people don’t change, they just find better angles or use different tools of manipulation. Once a cheater, always a cheater, once a liar, always a liar in my experience on this planet. I don’t like cheaters, I don’t like the sex trade, I don’t like liars and since Shirley is a narcissistic, lying, cheating, prostitute this page is here to stay to warn off others about her dirty deeds. I judge people by their actions, not by what they say. It is clear who and what Shirley Petion is to me. You can take that for what it is worth since you don’t know me personally. Why this site? I built this page for a number of reasons, revenge, holding her to account for her actions as she doesn’t think are abhorrent like sleeping with a parade of men, cheating, lying, manipulating. You see a narcissist of morbidly afraid of very little and exposure of their behavior is one of the things they are afraid of. They lie desperately to keep the veneer of up and hanging. They leave a path of destruction wherever they go. Lies on top of lies, cheating, manipulating so I built this website to warn anyone with enough sense to google search “Shirley Petition” before investing emotions in her and being hurt and cheated on like I was. Don’t waste your time or money or emotions on her or you will regret it as I do. Big waste of time. Ten months of torture and public embarrassment that I endured while trying to have a relationship with her in Xela, Guatemala.

This is the internet age, if you don’t want it on the internet, then you shouldn’t do it, if someone doesn’t have that much sense in them to know that, well then I don’t feel sorry for them. “Public shaming” is an age-old and useful way to keep order in a society. I am the order keeper I guess. All of what you read here is the truth which is why it is legal. It is not “libel” because of the fact that it is all painfully true. Enjoy the morbid truth about Shirley Petion and her final act of intimidation against me, one that I provoked, intentionally. I honestly wasn’t expecting men with guns to invade my room at the Zen House hostel in Xela, Guatemala but that is what I got…

This was the original website text and information I put up under the domain shirleypetionandtimbroadwell.com/.ga. Some info will be redundant as I did not modify it much from the original site.

Let's get on with this. Shirley gave Tim Broadwell my mothers name and he contacted her through Facebook at left this message. Shirley threatened and intimidated me with a gun because I said I would expose our relationship to her other boyfriend Tim Broadwell after I found out about him. After the incident, I left Guatemala and contacted Tim Broadwell and exposed to him our relationship because the truth should be told, and he wanted to hear it, so I gathered together the proof and arranged to have it sent to him. Before that this is the message he sent to my mother after I offered to tell him everything about my relationship with Shirley. Trying to scare her and intimidate me and her. In Tim's defense, he may have thought he was doing the right thing at the time but he wasn't. He believed what Shirley told, that's where he went wrong. He is a "gem" of human expression to a 68-year-oldmother right here. Linda is my mother. She is 68. You see who the criminals are a little further down on this webpage. 

Tim Broadwell and Shirley Petion

He is referring to a 20-year-old drug crime I committed that he found through a background check he did on me. He for some odd reason thinks that of all places Guatemala cares that I have a 20-year old drug crime on my record. Anyone who has been to Guatemala knows they have Visa On Arrival. They don't even ask about past crimes. You could stay them on run from the law in fact and probably never be found. 

Now, the above is mostly bullshit but they did threaten with a gun and put it my face. Shirley instructed her roommate Margrit to call her gangster friends that have guns to come to the Zen House Hostel to threaten me and intimidate me. This is the very definition of irony.

Now, this begs the question, why didn't they just call police on me? I have been drunk a scaring everybody? right? Why did they not call the local Guatemalan police on August 31st, 2016? That is because Shirley isn't afraid of me and there were witnesses, which are mentioned in the "Acta". She wanted to intimidate me. After the gun incident, she asked me to go for a ride in the car with her and talk about things because I was said very loudly in the hostel where guests were staying, "Why the fuck did you have them put a gun in the face?" Very very very loudly, so everyone heard. I told of her friend's boyfriends who is named Oliver James about briefly over Skype. She just told Tim Broadwell this bullshit because she was playing the scared little, poor little woman game. Why? Because she was sneaking around behind my back going out with other guys and Tim Broadwell and I caught her 3 times in total. And I caught her doing it at a bar called the Shamrock Pub in Xela. I had recently found out about Tim and I said I would call Tim if she didn't quit sneaking around behind my back. That is why she came to the hostel with guys with guns, it was because she was trying to intimidate me into silence. Just like she is now. That is why. She came there and told me to leave, I and I said no, I paid for that room because I was trying to be a nice boyfriend to her and help the business of the Zen House Hostel, I paid 1600 Quetzales of rent for 1 month in room #1. Shirley said and I quote her, "If you don't leave Margrit with have her friends come here with guns and make you leave.". Then I said, "Go ahead, do it, I don't care, I am not leaving, I paid rent.". You can see if she called the police. They won't do anything to you for being drunk in your own room that you paid money for. So there you have it. I did nothing except say I would expose our relationship to Tim Broadwell. And her and Margrit's gangster friends with guns came to the Zen House Hostel to threaten and intimidate me into silence. She was afraid Tim Broadwell would quit paying her bills. She has lied to me and Tim Broadwell and to the Public Ministry of Quetzaltenango.

Who is Tim Broadwell from Atlanta, GA? He is the 65-year-old, that pays all of Shirley Ann Petion Estrada's bills and rent. He pays her $2000 a month according to what Shirley says and has told me. Quoting Shirley, "He likes to support a woman" end quote. I bet he really does. She is pretty and 38 years old, while he is like and is 60 years old, overweight, not handsome at all and doesn't even speak Spanish she told me. And she doesn't speak English. So I image their time together is really great.

What really happened was this, Shirley directed her roommate to Margrit to call her mafia/gangster friends to put a gun to my head on the night of August 31, 2016. Shirley admits the name of one of the guys, "Roy Rojas".

Here is a picture of him and Margrit from Xela. Some of the criminals. There were a total of 4 men that came to the Zen House Hostel to threaten me and intimidate me into silence. It is safe to assume they were hired by, or friend of "Roy Rojas". MP de Xela, go investigate the real crime and criminals and leave me alone!

Roy Rojas Margrit Margolez

This is "Roy Rojas" he didn't have the gun in his hand but he was an accomplice to the crime, he came into my room with the other guy who had the gun. The guy who put the gun to my head was his friend that he brought to Zen House in Xela where I was the manager. Again, there were a total of 4 guys there but only Roy and the man with the pistol entered my room. This was room #1 at Zen House Hostel in Xela, Guatemala. The guy who put the gun to my head, Shirley claims, is dead now. >>insert screenshot here<<Yet she will still not give me his name, which pretty much confirms he is alive and she just doesn't want to give it to me ( what is the difference if he is dead right? ). The crime below happened at the Zen House Hostel, previously owned by Shirley Ann Petion Estrada.

Shirley Petion and Tim Broadwell

Shirley Petion and Tim Broawell

There were 4 guys that came to the room that I was living at in Zen House Xela, Guatemala. The date was August 31st, 2016. They came to the Zen House at the instruction of Shirley and Margrit.

This is us in happier times... That thing that looks like a monster 2nd from the left is Margrit. Douchebag supreme. 

Shirley Petion and Tim Broadwell

ShirlEy petion and Tim Broadwell

SHirley Ann Petion and Tim Broadwell

shirley petion and tim broadwell

This is Tim Broadwell trying to scare and intimidate me.

Shirley Petion Tim Broadwell

Shirley Petion Tim Broadwell

Guess I wasn't lying was I Tim Broadwell? He is a bully and intimidator just like Shirley, they both try to intimidate people as you can see.

Shirley Petion and Tim Broadwell

Shirley Petion and Tim Broadwell

First of all, I didn't "work hard" to do anything. He was acting erratically for a 65-year-old man. Half of the stuff he said I didn't understand and I speak English natively. Understandably he was pissed off, just like I am.

Tim Broadwell married Shirley Petion after the blowout. (This ended up being a lie)

Shirley Petion and Tim Broadwell

That is what Tim said basically. 

Here are some nice things she said to me:

"Hubo dos asesinatos aqui en xela y parece que fue un extranjero el asesino
Ellos quieren la investigacion."

If you would like to see the abhorrent messages she sent to me via Facebook after I left Guatemala you are in luck! Click this button below.  The first message is at the bottom of the page so you must scroll down to the bottom to start at the beginning. 

More intimidation. She is implying that I killed people in Guatemala or something, she is trying to intimidate me again. Nothing new here. I didn't kill anyone or hurt anyone in Guatemala while I was there. 

I am the victim here. The crime was committed against me. I didn't do anything wrong. I was victimized, the gun was put to my head. I was bullied and intimidated and threatened with a pistol. Beware of these people because they are dangerous. They use guns and gangsters to intimidate people. They then harassed my friends and family through Facebook. They lied and fabricated to stories to them. Filed false police reports against me. The whole 9 yards. 

These people are violent criminals and belong in prison.

I will never ever return to Guatemala and will warn everyone I know and the world against traveling there. It is a lawless place and the government of Guatemala will not help you. The American consulates in Guatemala with not help you either. I called them, I called the Ministry of Public, sent them emails and called, no-one there will help you. You will just have to leave the country. It is dangerous there I don't recommend that anyone go there for tourism.

Below are are the places online that you can find these criminals and Tim Broadwell's toy, Shirley. 

Tim? Who lied now? Shirley did you stupid fat fuck. Grow up and quit talking like a fucking baby all the time, you are so pitiful. I am embarrassed that I know who you are. You must torture your family with your self inflicted embarrassment. Paying $2000k for a cheater in the highest degree. She lies to you every day and laughs about it. I was there. I heard it. You are so pitiful that I feel bad for your family and friends and associates. 


Oh yeah! You fucking deserved that one, didn't you? 


Pay her no mind and ask yourself this, would feel good after kicking a little puppy or abusing some other animal if you did it purpose? No. So don't let her fool you. She is not a happy and fulfilled individual. Her behavior reflects how she feels. Toxic, bad, unfulfilled. People that set out to intentionally hurt other people are not happy inside. They are rotting inside. They are about as close you get to evil.

This is how ends Shirley. Just like I told you it would.

 You play games with peoples lives and that is a serious issue for some of us. Why not go find someone fucked up in the head like you and you two can torture each all day.  Leave the rest of us alone. Shirley once told me that she is a "warrior" and she will sleep with 20 men to get money for her kids if she had to. Noble and all. Clearly sex is the first thing that comes to mind for having an income so go that then. Just like it said, they view the world as a "battlefield" and everything is fair game. The pain or damage to anyone else doesn't matter to the narcissist. Only getting what they want matters. To hell with everyone else. That's what they do. 

You almost have to appreciate in a way her ruthlessness. Shirley is a diabolical individual. It's kind of impressive. Too bad that energy cannot be focused or used in a better, more constructive way.  

Whatever the case is one thing is clear, she has a likely complete lack of empathy whether she is narcissistic or not. empathy is not. there. She seems to care about pigs being slaughtered on youtube.com but humans or males at least are open season to be treated poorly without remorse, ever. No responsibility, ever. So that is enough for me to say adios. No point to talk to someone who never tells you the truth. I have better things to do than waste my time listening to bullshit. So ADIOS!

This is what you will never have....... mutual respect. You don't respect anyone. 

Why don't you give the people around you a break eh? You act like you are a fucking maniacal toddler. Grow the fuck up and act like an adult.  And tell the truth once or twice, it's not as painful as you think. If you end up cheating on everyone you meet in the end. Why not be honest in the beginning so they can understand what to expect. If you did that, this website wouldn't be here. Good luck, Shirley. Just tell them you want a man that will support you without fidelity. Maybe you can find some old loser that doesn't mind paying you while you slum around Xela with multiple partners. It's possible.   

 The words of MLK, "Free at last, free at last, thank god almighty, we are free at last.'